Hi, call me Resi! I’m a 22-year-old Indonesian college student currently living in Jakarta.

I’m an aspiring web developer. I started getting into web development when I self-learned HTML and CSS back in high school. I’ve done quite a few little design projects for my friends’ websites, and I have designed several Tumblr themes for my side blogs, some of which I still actively maintain.

I also have a number of other interests, including video games, motorsports, photography, and music, and I’m also trying my best to reflect these interests on my website. Though most of the stuff here are mostly dedicated to my works, if you want more random stuff from me you should probably check my Twitter.

Stalk me.

If you want to get in touch with me, even just to say hi, feel free to do so.

About this website

This Jekyll website, hosted on GitHub Pages uses a heavily-modified version of Poole and is developed on a mid-range laptop I basically use everyday, from doing university works, to playing games. The source code is available here.

The Poole theme is © Mark Otto, licensed under MIT.

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