On recent events

The following thoughts were brought up during a recent drama that happened between two of my close friends online. So I wrote this as a response.

I was never popular back at school.

There was this time back at elementary school where I felt like I got the hang of social interactions, but then everything sort of changed on the fifth grade. Instead of blending in without a care in the world, I somehow found myself trying to be relevant among my peers. This continued on even until I graduate from high school.

This sort of mentality has pretty much shaped my stance on friendships. I don’t like making enemies. And if I have problems with someone, sure I may cut off contact with them, but I don’t look on them lower than me. And I try to be neutral amongst my friends so that I don’t make premature judgements.

This has actually been brought into light by one of my friends online who have been involved with some drama with someone else that I’m also friends with. So I feel that it’s more important than ever to post this here: