node-mpw »

Implementation of the Master Password algorithm for nodejs and browser.


stars-not-hearts »

Custom CSS to replace the heart icons on Twitter and TweetDeck to stars.


AI scripts and starter packs I've made for the game Screeps.

gnu-social-status »

Monitors the status of popular GNU Social instances.


An everyword-like Twitter bot appending ".js" to every word.


Most Reliable Lightweight CSS Resetâ„¢ »

CSS Resets are stupidly long. It's time to make it simpler.


Tumblr Boilerplate »

A base starter kit for developing Tumblr themes.

Clear Sans Webfont »

Webfont conversion of the Clear Sans typeface designed by Intel.

Random works

You can also find some of my original yet random works, which I probably did when I was bored. These works are adequately curated on my Tumblr blog.